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Spring Boot 1.4.1.RELEASE -- Spring Framework 4.3.3.RELEASE

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v0.4.3 NixMash Blog Posts Changelist v0.4.3.1010 Quick Document Delete in Solr Administration Changelist v0.4.3.1005 Changelist v0.4.3.1003 Changelist v0.4.3.1001 Changelist v0.4.3.0929 Changelist v0.4.2.0922 Changelist v0.4.2.0921 New Script for Creating all NixMash Spring Supporting Directories

Some of the technologies featured on this site and detailed on NixMash

Spring.IO -- Used for dependency version control in v0.4.0 and higher Bootstrap Carousel demos -- Flashcards and Add New Link form Password Reset and Forgot Password Email Services -- User Profile and Login page GitHub Stats with Spring RestTemplate and Thymeleaf Multifile uploads with Spring MVC, Thymeleaf and Blueimp jQuery-File-Upload plugin integration Like Button for Multiple Content Types -- Posts Social Network Buttons with Thymeleaf and Velocity -- Posts Tag Cloud -- Posts RSS Subscriptions -- Posts Feed Google Single- and Multi-location Maps -- Product display and Product Map Content Tagging with Typeahead -- Post add and update forms WordPress-like Posts Module -- Posts (in progress) Jsoup Annotations Framework -- Posts module links entry Google Analytics with Administration form to enable and key entry JSON Data Retrieval with Spring RestTemplates, MVC and Thymeleaf -- Home Page GitHub Buttons and elsewhere Email Services with Velocity Templating-- Contact Form File Upload -- User Profile Image Uploading Site Bootstrap Dashboard -- Administration Module based on Gentelella Bootstrap 3 Admin Template Spring Social -- Twitter, Facebook and Google OAuth Login Hibernate and Spring JPA -- Contacts and throughout application Spring Security -- An example is the Contact Details page restricted to Logged-in Users Only Spring Solr -- Products list, Product categories (Solr facets), Product Maps (Solr Geo-Search) Javascript with Spring MVC -- Buttons below, Solr Search Autocomplete and elsewhere Thymeleaf and Bootstrap 3 with Spring

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