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Spring Boot 1.4.1.RELEASE -- Spring Framework 4.3.3.RELEASE

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Some of the technologies featured on this site and detailed on NixMash

Spring.IO -- Used for dependency version control in v0.4.0 and higher Bootstrap Carousel demos -- Flashcards and Add New Link form Password Reset and Forgot Password Email Services -- User Profile and Login page GitHub Stats with Spring RestTemplate and Thymeleaf Multifile uploads with Spring MVC, Thymeleaf and Blueimp jQuery-File-Upload plugin integration Like Button for Multiple Content Types -- Posts Social Network Buttons with Thymeleaf and Velocity -- Posts Tag Cloud -- Posts RSS Subscriptions -- Posts Feed Google Single- and Multi-location Maps -- Product display and Product Map Content Tagging with Typeahead -- Post add and update forms WordPress-like Posts Module -- Posts (in progress) Jsoup Annotations Framework -- Posts module links entry Google Analytics with Administration form to enable and key entry JSON Data Retrieval with Spring RestTemplates, MVC and Thymeleaf -- Home Page GitHub Buttons and elsewhere Email Services with Velocity Templating-- Contact Form File Upload -- User Profile Image Uploading Site Bootstrap Dashboard -- Administration Module based on Gentelella Bootstrap 3 Admin Template Spring Social -- Twitter, Facebook and Google OAuth Login Hibernate and Spring JPA -- Contacts and throughout application Spring Security -- An example is the Contact Details page restricted to Logged-in Users Only Spring Solr -- Products list, Product categories (Solr facets), Product Maps (Solr Geo-Search) Javascript with Spring MVC -- Buttons below, Solr Search Autocomplete and elsewhere Thymeleaf and Bootstrap 3 with Spring

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